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Math Practice Software for Standardized Tests

welcome screenWayang Outpost and The Wayang Mathematics Tutor (Wayang Math) are machine tutoring systems that use interactive multimedia to help students improve math skills. Wayang Math is appropriate for middle and high-school students and is proven to imcrease scores for standardized math tests, such as the SAT, MCAS and CA-Star. It's also good for students of all ages preparing for college-level mathematics classes, and anyone who want to review math essentials. Wayang Math also helps teachers determine their students need areas and strenghts.

Funded by several research programs at the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education, Wayang Outpost is designed is designed to learn along with the student. As the student progresses through the math problem presented, Wayang Outpost adjusts instruction, presenting custmized strategies for each student.

mother and daughterBoth Wayang Outpost and The Wayang Mathematics Tutor are available free to students, teachers, schools, after-school programs, and for use from home. If you would like an account for yourself or your child, sign up online at Wayang Outpost or Wayang Mathematics Tutor . Log in as a guest to take a look at the program. As a guest, you may access and practice all of the same learning sessions and quizzes as registered users, but your sessions will not be saved for future log-ins.

To use the Wayang Tutors, you'll need a computer (either Macintosh or PC) with a broadband connection to the Internet, a web browser that is Java-enabled, and Flash Player 8 or better. Most computers come with Flash Player already installed. If you need to upgrade, you can download the latest version of Flash Player (free) from Adobe.



“It has become almost a cliché to remark that nobody boasts of ignorance of literature, but it is socially acceptable to boast ignorance of science and proudly claim incompetence in mathematics.”

Richard Dawkins

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